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Tibetan steamed dumplings, with a range of mouth watering fillings.

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Made with fresh ingredients, to trusted family recipes. 



Harbourside Christmas Market 2017

From 25 Nov, each W'end 11 - 5pm

60 Stalls, Mulled Drinks, Live Music

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 Try momo's for lunch at 

St Nicholas Market (Wine St) on Tues & Friday lunchtime and at Harbourside Market every Sat and Sunday

Momo-Bar introduces.....momo's to Bristol & Bath


delicious and healthy tibetan food.  Steamed to keep all the goodness in, to nourish both body and soul.  These dumplings, crafted by hand in different designs are made from quality ingredients, based on recipes handed down through tibetan nomad family and tweaked for new tastes. 

if you've ever visited Mcleod Ganj, you'll have tasted momos and now you can relive your travels and tastes here in bristol.


traditionally a food for special occasions, making momo is a family task, a team effort - hours to make, minutes to eat. Momo were filled with yak meat or nettles/chives.  today we have a range of fillings - beef (to replace yak meat) and vegetarian options like; spinach & cheese, mushroom & potato.

served with home made chilli sauce and lightly pickled salads.  

try a meal of momo today, without the effort of making them. 

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